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Session with several companies

We assure, within partner structures, trainings sessions mainly centered on the activities of the laboratory of microbiology:

  • - Antimicrobial Preservation of cosmetic and OTC formulas
  • - Antimicrobial Preservation evaluation following ISO 11930 standard
  • - Risk Analysis following ISO 29621 standard
  • - Conception, safety and exploitation of laboratory L2 type
  • - Microbiological methods ISO 21149, ISO18415, etc.
  • - Worker's Protection exposed to biological agent DIRECTIVE 2000/54/CE.

Session intra company

We develop, according to our clients' needs, customized training session generally performed inside their facilities. For example we can propose:

  • - Initiation to microbiological hygiene production rules.
  • - Maintenance of the knowledge into the Biological risks field.
  • - SOP Cleaning and disinfection procedure definition for production equipment.
  • - Discovery of industrial principle for cleaning and disinfection, CIP/SIP functions.