Transform your Challenges into Advantages !

Alain CROZIER, PhD in microbiology, after a number of executive positions (as Associate Director) for more than 30 years into Great international leaders Cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies, provides his expertise focused on the microbiology and the hygiene of industrial production through Cle@n Cosmetic Consulting®.

Cle@n Cosmetic Consulting® offers to transform current challenges into major advantages for the future for example:

  • - Prepare future formulas to anticipate the future regulation restrictions of preservative uses
  • - Rational for product's claims
  • - Revampe ("ultra-clean" concept) of production equipments and their/its corresponding SOP
  • - Team training specialized in the improvement of knowledge and technical skills relative to the standard regulations of microbiology.
  • - Support development projects into the field of protective packaging against the microbial contamination
  • - Support implementation projects of microbiological alternative methods in accordance of the standards ISO requirements
  • - Rational data, experimental proves within dispute court context.

We collaborate with you to study your request, analyze your needs, prepare with you and your teams the most suitable action plan adapted to your situation, and accompany its implementation, the whole in a climate of confidence and in total confidentiality.